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Have you ever checked out craftstylish.com ?
There is a section on paper crafts. Erin has made stuff from there as well as my old boss.

I'm going to look for the book the next time I'm at the book store. It sounds pretty awesome!

Toilet paper is highly overrated if you ask me! ;-)

That book looks fantastic. I played with paper yesterday and Mod Podge...gosh forgot how sticky that stuff is. I did a project kind of like your mirror paper cover redo. We are redoing our master and the dark brown mirror didn't match anymore so I found wrapping paper I liked and covered it all up...it looks great and had my camera been working I would have taken pictures. ;-(

It sounds like a book written especially with you in mind ... The Queen of Paper! L)

It is hard not to notice the paper dress on the book cover ... amazing ... and that vase, does it really hold water or is it only for very realistic silk flowers? I'm off to Amazon.com to find out more.

That book looks great!

I have the new Oliver & S sewing book on my list, but honestly I am usually disappointed with sewing books in general. My favorite right now is Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman!

::running to bookstore:: Oh wait. Must find money tree first. ::sigh:: I want this book :) Thanks for finding it and posting about it! ;)

Ohh that book looks like fun! I love the vase

That book looks amazing! So much crafty inspiration :)

LOVE this book!

Hi Patty, i am craving Barbara's new book "painting with fire" and i really want the kit too! hopefully very soon.
ttfn Lana :) Blog Hugs pass it on!!

Patty, if you get a copy, I hope you do a review here of it! It looks like an awesome book to have. :)

What a great find - I bet it is filled with beautiful ideas. Will have to look for it...a trip to B&N is long overdue.

Well, you know they used to use old sears and roebucks catalog pages for toilet paper, and since you're on the repurposed book page kick, why not? Go for the book! :)

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