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Oh I can see why that one is your favorite, those lavender flowers are beautiful and I love how you put them together. Every piece is lovely, wish I'd had time for something other than earrings!

Even though you feel you're not finished on all of them, the bare bones design on each one is just lovely!

My fave has to be the starry night one you made with the blue ribbon (bracelet) though I think they are all great.

I don't think the one piece needs a single thing added to it! (the etched looking one)

I couldn't bother with this, though it would probably would have been really fun. I just had too much on my plate for my real life job :(

I was right, your pieces are just amazing. They each have their own personality and simply sing of the beauty within them. Great work Patty!
Oh! And I love your favorite one as well. That viney wire with the leaves . . .wonderful!

Yay Patty! We knew you could do it :) And, as usual, you have me rolling off the chair at the first sentence of your post ;) That's worth it right there! Oh, and yes, I love your favorite too - those cool purple flowers vining up that branch is just awesome!

Patty, Congartulations on getting at least 10 done and meeting the challenge requirements. They are all very beautiful and I don't think any of the ones that you mentioned needing more needs more. I'm loving your favorite it is gorgeous. Your boys looked like they were having a grand time in the pool keeping cool.

Wow I gotta hand it to you! I saw that challenge and said awwww no..I didnt want to run out of steam lol. The things you made are lovely Patty. LOL look at you beadin' whatchin' them in the pool! You GO GIRL! (dang having trouble leaving comments again..want to scream!)

I think you did a fantastic job! Your favorite is also my favorite, although it's really had to choose.

Wow Patty! Ten out of twelve is awesome! They are all so pretty! My fave is the one with the branch as the center focal part of the necklace!

You rock girl!

Oh my stars, you were one busy girl. I am most impressed. It's really lovely work and even pieces you aren't happy with have such a great start. Although I must say I like it all as is.

What wonderful jewelry you made in the midst of so many other goings ons. They are so lovely, all of them. Fun Post too!!

Wow they are all really beautiul!

Wow Patty...I'm amazed at how much you get done with the kids home...usually when my kids are around I get little to nothing done in the crafting department...very nice!!

Sweet! I love that one with the Humblebead birdie... the way you wired the flowers was genius! Good going on the challenge! I didn't get to but 4 but I will continue!
Enjoy the day!

Yippee! I was hoping you'd get your post up! I love the necklace with the bird focal and the flowers too! However, that ABS challenge piece is still making my heart go pitter-patter.
I also really like both bracelets- especially the blue and carnelian one- unique!! Awesome job as always!!! I wish we had a pool in our backyard....it would save me the stress of watching other people's drama! LOL!

Oh PATTY! I love all of them but the first one captured my heart! Your work is simply stunning! WOW!

Wow, you go girl. Each of these is so complex, not like my easy solution of doing all earrings. I'm so-o-o-o impressed! I love the one you said was your favorite and also the ABS necklace. Such talent!

I am impressed with what you got done. I was not crazy enough to sign up for this challenge, because I just knew it would take me a couple days just to fill the muffin tin. But you did it!!
I love the wire "vines" on the first one - very lovely. They are all lovely!

Dang woman, what a parade of pretties. I LOVE them all!!! My favorites are the Humblebeads Blue willow pendant, the ABS piece and this is out of my usual choice range, but i'm really diggin the blue stones with black wire, yellow leaves and the faceted drop. It's way cool. I also adore the wire vines, what gauge wire do you normally use???
P.s. I bet you thank God everyday for that pool!!!!!!


Your fav is my fav but I have to say many of the rest also really stuck out...like the starry night and the June ABS (both take one and two ;)). Way to go, I'm glad you went for it!

Apparently, beading by the pool with four kids running around is the perfect environment for creating beautiful things! Lovely, lovely work!

Great job Patty. I might have to borrow your vine idea from your fist necklace it is awesome.
I love them all.
Now we need to work on the pieces using our key stamp we bought :-)

Wow!!! You did an amazing job with this. I never would have gotten as far as you did, and you've got kids and all sorts of things to steal your attention away. Really impressive. And they are all SO BEAUTIFUL. *faint* My favorites are the one with the twig on the side and the little round flower pendant, the one with the white faceted focal and blue ribbons, and the bracelet that you etched the main component. But absolutely everything here is so beautiful and I can see your style throughout---it's so lovely, so distinctively elegant. :) Congratulations!! You met this challenge running. :D

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