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Gorgeous Patty!!!

How amazing. These colors are so rich and the layers of detail in the center are awesome!

Patty, I know what you mean about the word "Clematis", it's always sounds like a mysterious ailment to me too!
These photos are beautiful! The color is so bright and the detail of the middle of the flower is great!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

WOW - love those shots of the center of the Clematis. Stunning photos!

Gorgeous shots!!! I have always thought the same thing..."my clematis is acting up today"!
Happy Sunday! :)

You are so funny, you do realize that word will never be the same for me again! Thank you for that! Love the pix, absolutely gorgeous!

Wow Wow Wow!!! Gorgeous shot!!! 'clematis'... you are too funny :)))

Oh, what a beautiful flower! I know what you mean about the name. It does sound more like an illness than a lovely flower :-)

Beautiful capture! Fantastic detail! Thanks for sharing.

that is too funny! love the photos!

LOL So true! Great picture, too. Nice to see the sun finally came out in your neck of the woods.

you so funny! I kind of think the same thing too. beautiful color photos!

Does sound kinda bad, doesn't it? Reminds me of this old pamphlet they used to pass out at college about the STD Chlamydia; it said, "No, it's not the name of some tropical flower..." on the cover with some pretty pictures of blossoms. XD The girls and I hung one up in our dorm hallway because we had a twisted sense of humor like that. Good to know we're not the only ones! ;D Your pictures turned out beautiful. I'm always amazed at how well you wield that little camera of yours. :3

You're a nut!!! I love it! I feel a little clematisy today...probably should go take a nap. haaaaaaaaaaaaa

lush shots sweetie.....gorgeous colour on the clematis ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Beautiful shot and color..another plant I can't grow..wah! Have tried about 6 now, just don't 'take!'

Oh dearest Patty...you've got me grinning again. Too funny!!
Those are some beautiful pictures.

Just Beautiful!! Man I am having problems Blogging on your page..must get this fixed! : - (

You are too funny!! And that photo is so beautiful!! :)

Oh, so, that explains why I was feeling so low on Friday! I had a bout of Clematis! LOL I love it ;) And those shots? *Awesome*! LOL

LOL...that's funny and I can totally "hear" it in a British accent. ;-)

Lovely bright colored shot...my camera is acting up...sometimes it decides it wants to take a picture and other times nope...on vacation...guess it's time for a repair shop visit or a new one, it is about 7 years old.

So very pretty -- gorgeous photos!!!

That is *exactly* what I always think! it doesn't help that it sort of looks like the word "chlamydia"

It sounds like something Jane gave to Tarzan when they were swingin on vines together. "Tarzan say loin cloth feel itchy today. Ah A Ah AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! LMAO sometimes words are just funny. swopemelmel@aol.com

The color captured in this photo is so vibrant. You made me laugh too - "clematis" is kind of an unattractive name for a flower, isn't it?

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