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god sweetie, my emotions were like a roller-coaster throughout his post! Glad to hear your dad's doing well ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Awww, sweet friend! I want to hug your cute little girl self up there in that picture.

What a lovely story Patty!! It fills my heart!

I'm so happy your story had such a happy ending to it. :)

A great many years ago my father abandoned my mother, leaving her with a 2 year old toddler. He never wanted to see her or me again and left demands of all his family not to ever tell us where he was.
He is probably no longer alive, as he would be well into his 90’s if he were. I know I wasted much of my childhood wondering about him and what he must have been like but most of all wondering how a father could have such a cold, hard heart that he could not even acknowledge the existence of his own child. I also know that somewhere in this world I have half-brothers and/or sisters but I will never know who or where they are.

Most importantly I know that on this special day, Father’s Day, the awards and accolades go to those dads who have stuck around to witness all those milestones that their children went through or will go through and I am forever grateful that the man I married, over 41 years ago, has been a wonderful husband and a loving and caring father (and grandfather).

Yes life can be tough but it makes us who and what we are and it’s turned us into strong swimmers. :)
Enjoy this lovely day with your beautiful children and your loving husband.

That post choked me up, Patty. I was expecting your Macro for today.

You were such a cutie, (still are!) and I bet your dad regrets not seeing you grow up. We can't go back, but we can go forward.

I hope he has a speedy recovery!

Enjoy spending the day with the father of your children!

Oh Patty! It hurt to read this as I was thinking what it must of been like! Im so glad tho that you have finally found each other. I bet he has alot of regrets. My daughters Son Joey has the same thing. His father dosent bother with him or his other Son. I just found out that Joeys Grandmother lives 2 hours from here and I called her. I figd you do it or dont do it. Like you sink or swim. I was as tactful as possible and asked if she would like to meet Joseph. At the end she hung up. How cold. Its like he had only 1 chance and she closed the door on it. But what can we do but move on and embrace our own families all the more! These things make us better parents and grandparents. Patty have a wonderful day..you are such a Joy! xx

Wishes of a fast and complete recovery go out to your Dad. Happy Father's Day to him and to your hubby!

I think you are amazing and an inspiration! Although my heart aches for the little girl and young woman who didn't know her father, my heart sings for you now! I'm so glad he is recovering well and I wish you many more years of getting to know each other! XOXOXO

I hope you and your family have had a lovely Father's Day Patty - and so pleased your Dad is doing well now! Being positive is a most wondrous thing!

What a wonderful, positive spirit you have Patty :)

How happy and healing it is that you guys have reconnected :)


You have a wonderful attitude about life that your children will benefit from greatly. Thanks for sharing and opening up about your life, it is very inspiring.

Lovely post Patty!!

I'm with you on the not growing up with a Dad...he left when I was just a wee baby and never showed his face again. I tried through my teenage years to find him, but after hitting many a dead end, I finally gave up. It's always been a bit of an odd for me really, though not so much now that I have my own family. :-)

So glad you've had the chance to find him and though sorry to read he was unwell, lovely to read that he's doing better. Wishing you both a day filled with love and memories.


Patty, That was a really beautiful story! I am glad that you shared it! I will keep him in my prayers! Happy Father's Day to you and him! xxoo

I felt so sad reading of your heart ache, never knowing your Dad. I'm so glad you've re-connected....Once his health improves, I wish you many happy moments together.
I only met you today (Crazy Lady at Michael's)...I must say, you were so sweet -helpful and Patient - answering ALL my questions on making jewelry and even offering your email for extra help! Thank you for being so kind. I'm so happy 'I picked You' to help me

Aww You were definately NOT crazy! lol Thanks so much for the sweet compliments! Let me know how your jewelry making goes! : )

What a touching post, my dear friend. Your sunny attitude is a brilliant light for many of us, and I am so thankful for it! I am glad your dad is doing better, and I hope you all have more good times to spend to gether in the near future. XOXO, Erin

(and now you are offering advice to shoppers at Michael's, eh? What a very lucky woman to have happened across you!)

LOL Erin - if the people who worked there actually knew anything about the store or crafting it would probably help. After the jewelry advice some other poor woman was looking for clip boards and the person on the floor said "we don't carry them" . I was like "oh yes you do they are in the wood isle!" They should pay me to shop there.

Patty thanks for your sweet reply to my comments...It's good to know I didn't come off crazy to you!! lol
You're right about the staff at Michael's not knowing where or what - when asked. I too have found myself offering help... (when I know what I'm talking about) lol - to other shoppers.
As far as my jewelry making...today I completed 9 very lovely bracelets to be given as gifts. 'Someone' gave me very good advice !!

Oh Patty I came over to congratulate you on your beady win and read this beautiful post. I too grew up without my real Dad and unfortunately my story isn't as happy as yours but I was lucky to marry a man who's love for our children is what I can celebrate. I send you and your Dad hugs!

Patty this is a beautiful post! I have always been inspired by you and your writing, it was those things that made me want to keep following you and start my own blog! (yes you were a big part of that!) Those are lovely words you have spoken, and once again you have inspired! Thank-you.
Your virtual friend,
Lisa P!

Your post is lovely.

Patty, what a touching post. I am so happy for you after all of these years to have found your Dad. I hope that there can be some peace now... and I am wishing a speedy recovery for him after the stroke. You are an inspiration!

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