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Oh my gosh!!! Love that shirt...going on my wish list for Christmas...nevermind that I'd not a teenager...young at heart I guess! ;-)

Thanks for spotlighting him...great eye!!

And yes...I'm off to the market in just a few to finish us shopping...and then it's home to bake!

Me too Meeling - Totally love the shirt !!!

I'm totally in love with that owl!! I did my shopping yesterday and will start some of the preparations today!! It's only 3 of us this year but I'm going all out!!

ha! that first one is totally Wellington! Look at that smug face..he probably smashed cookies all morning ;)

Wow! I really, REALLY love that first print -- I'm going to have a look at the $ now! Thanks Patty!!!

I completely missed this one. I'm so glad you are sharing :)

So fun, the colours really pop. Seem so familiar yet new too :)

Off to check out his site.

Have a lovely day, T. :)

these are so cool! so different from anything else i've seen lately.
of course i love the kitty print. :P

@ Stephanie - It's totally Wellington in his happy place LOL!!!

@T. - I totally agree it reminds me of something from when I was young - but then again it's totally modern!

I am so glad everyone is loving them as much as I did when I first saw them : )

Those are really great!! I miss the 70's - when life was easy :)

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