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I'm excited for this-brain's a brewin' already :)

ohh I'm so down for making something for this!

Also, mclinky made me laugh

I am going to try to do this. I have a lot of school work this week, but being creative results in me doing better in school. Your blog is so pretty.

Welcome ladies !!!! I am thrilled to have you : D I hope I can make this fun.

Thrilled that you are keeping the inspiration going... I will try to join in when I can.

Take Care and Best Creative Wishes! :)

Count me in!!!! This is gonna be fun!!!

Yeah Annette ! I can't wait to see what you sew up !!!

Woo-hoo! Thanks for continuing the *sparks*! I can't wait to get started!

Oh Goodie Molly I am sooo excited - these thing are totally ADDICTING !!!

What a fun idea! I love the inspiration. Looking forward to trying this!

count me in! i will do my best to join up with you each week...been dilly-dallying for a few weeks and fell behind, but I am hoping to get back to my regular schedule this week!

yay!!! :)

Welcome !!! Yeah Alesha : )

I'll hop on this bus, thank you!! :)

I wish I was creative and had an imagination. Can't wait to see what everyone does!

The challenge looks fun - I'll see what I can do but I have a nasty cold/flu bug at the moment so I may have to skip this week and join in next week when not quite so loopy and delirious.

No worries! Hop on whenever you can : )

Ooh ooh ooh, I love this! I'll make a handbag using the color scheme. Count me in.

* CaRtWhEeL*

I'm going to try to do this! I think I have fell in love with challenges :D Sure helps when you are in a creative slump or just want to try something new :)

aaaaaaaaaah! this sounds like such fun! i've been doing LittleGrayFox's crafty challenges, but i like the color inspirations you give too (hers are thematic based). what the heck - it's not like you can have TOO many challenges, right? (she says, as murphy's law prepares to kick her in the tuckus...)hahaha!

Count me in on this one!

Have you decided how to do the "show off" yet? I think the blog hop style like Lorelei did last week is a great way to do it. Then everyone can just go from blog to blog checking out the participants. :)

Hi Debi !

I agree blog hop is the way to go. I will post for those that don't have a blog. Please feel free to use the inspiration picture and palette! : )

Love the carnelian and copper keyhole bracelet,

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