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Hi, found you through w. Love the name of your blog, and then I see the picture of all the little boys. Are you the mother of all boys? HOw wonderful!!

Pleased to meet you, I think you and w have such a friendly writing style. Makes visitors instantly like you.

Oh Hi Alexandra- Welcome ! Thanks so much for the lovely compliments - I am blushing !!! Wendi makes me laugh ! Yes all those boys are mine - bunch of stinkers : )

Me and underwear ain't great friends, it all went out the window when the kids came along, but just the other day I was invited to a naughty knicker party, much to Mr C's delight, in fact he is seeing the bank manager as we speak! me, well I am going for the adult conversation, oh & the booze x

bwahahahhaha! you really can tell a tale, can't ya? cute stories. :)

ha!!! I like the part about the underwear unraveling!

Ill-fitting underwear is a terrible curse that I would not wish on anyone

Hahaha, I love this post! When I lost a lot of weight, my underwear kept falling down even with jeans on...you can't just reach in your pants and pull them up!

Funny post but so true.

I am a bit of a fanatic where underwear is concerned. I am so utilitarian and I do tend to stock pile for everyone.

Lovely post, you are so funny :) T.

HA ! As I suspected there is more stress out there due to underwear then anyone suspects !

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