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They are kinda cute but I'm glad they're yours and not mine, lol!!!!

They look kinda happy :)

Now the kids (young adults) are older I am so happy I do not have to be responsible for anything else. Of course it was fun to have pets but I am on a self tract right now (I wish) once a Mom always a Mom :) T.

are they in the pool?

They are really cute!!

How cute.. and they even do tricks! heehee... "playing dead" is hard to teach. ;)

Oh my they are so tiny Yamina - if they were in the pool one of the kids would have swallowed them by now ( bleech) !!!

We live on a farm with a creek running right past so the boys were always looking for creepy creatures to bring into the house.
I guess the frogs are sorta cute. :)

The children are really into our garden wildlife at the minute and are bugging to have a mini bog garden so they can attract frogs, I, on the other hand am a little freaked, I scream the place down if I touch a worm when planting out!!!!! and slugs, AGHHHHHH!

lol, FIVE frogs?! that's quite the little frog colony you've adopted. why does it seem all kids go ape for frogs? they're cute and all, but...
i do the counting thing with my kitties (especially when i just started the washing machine or dryer), but that's just the two. :P

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