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I've never seen this Magazine. Wonder if it's not in Canada? Will definitely check out the site and find out.
I'm having a relatively relaxing weekend - going for coffee with friends this week. WOOHOO!!

Oh the simple pleasures!! I'll be on the lookout for the magazine. I love Hobby Lobby but there isn't one here. The only one I've been to is over 1,000 miles away!!!

Both of my kids and Shylee came for the weekend!!! It was perfect!!!!

sounds like fun! i've never heard of 'hobby lobby.' i don't think they have those out here. :( it's always nice to have a ladies outing. i spent the entire weekend craft/street/festival/fair hopping with my good buddy pal from college. it was a blast! :D

ps - a magazine that came BACK from the grave??? gosh, i wish they'd bring Domino back...:(

Oh I liked Domino too !

Ooh! I loved Country Home. I'll have to be on the lookout. Glad you had a fun Saturday with friends. We were in post vacation recovery mode. :)

I sat down to go through all my old magazines for the recycling bin and ended up sitting on the floor for 4 hours as I turned page after page of lovely decor and homes...I ended up keeping them all ;-) Happy to hear they are back.

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