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GPS: making life infinitely more complicated. :P

How funny! Love all those questions! I bet it was an entertaining trip though...

I programmed hunky boyfriend's GPS to speak like a well-mannered British Gentleman, whom I call Rupert.

And about those people who don't love office supplies... I'd hate to think that there are such people in this world...

My husband is infatuated with his British lady guide. I have a love hate relationship with her! I give better directions than she does!!!

hahahaha! nice.

my hubby likes to listen to "karen". he's smitten with her.

but hey. i ain't worried. because i got "daniel". he's english.

I am a GPS system, Brit accent and all :) (He! He!) I would most probably have to throw her out of the car, don't have one! On star was scary enough!

I listen to Josh Grobin, Annie Lennox or Keane :) T.

I honestly had no idea so many people are so close to their GPS *friends* .......I think I am officially freaked out !!! Now I am wondering if they are based on someones real voice. How odd would it be to stand in line and hear "Sofia" your gps behind you ???

That's so funny. I usually listen to, "mom, he hit me" or vice versa.

Too funny!! We have a GPS we use when riding the ATV's, but not in the vehicle. Luckily ours doesn't talk - since hubby wouldn't listen to her either :)

Sometimes I just like it quite when driving - that happens sometimes when you drive a school bus for a living LOL

I got a GPS for Christmas.. and I must say, I have used it successfully a few times. My husbnad has set the voice to "Yeti" a few times... it just grunts (not too helpful).

Hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Thats funny! The only thing I dont like about GPSes is that it takes the edge off of traveling in the sense of keeping a "feeling of direction". But we do use one, but I map quest things as well so I can have a sense of where were going, usung both together when we travel. A Yeti voice wow that has to be funny now!

Bahahaha!! That's too funny.
I took my oldest niece on a trip a little while ago and used the GPS but didn't follow all the directions (since I was still in town and knew where I needed to go first) and the niece got so angry, she kept asking me to turn the GPS lady OFF!

Hahahahaha! Too funny, Patty!

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