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That picture after the No for ice cream is hilarious! I hated those swings when I was little... I have evolved from a child who suffers from motion sickness to an adult who suffers from motion sickness!

Love that you are getting so much use out of your pool - those floats are the best! Have a great day!

It looks like you're having a really fun summer!!! But really...NO ice cream??!!!!! What kind of mom are you, that they can't have ice cream before they eat lunch??!!! Sheesh!!!!!!!

I was hoping to save money but the damn ice cream man came back ! LOL !!!

OMG you are busy, busy, busy! We always felt we could have a breather after the kids went back to school in Sept. but it never happened and then we thought the same when they went off to college, it really doesn't happen :) Maybe when they get married, I don't know.

Looks like you are having lots of fun busy so that is awesome. LOve you bathroom too. It could be mine but with a little lighter blue :)

Have a wonderful weekend, T, :)

It's summer holidays for us too! up to now we have had rain rain & more rain! it's great the British weather- not! It's hard work trying to plan days out! we have managed a few:) we have one super-cool day out a week ie fair, zoo etc and the rest of the week less costly adventures, We are about to embark on our park marathon, I could write a guide on parks in the north west of England, maybe I will. Two of my children have a birthday in August, so we too are planning stuff. Your pool looks fab!!! you don't get many pools over here:( anyway, happy holidays to you all x

Oh Amanda ! That was last summer it rained while it was raining. This year we have 100+ temps and get all excited at the mere hint of rain. Then nothing happens ! I feel for you - nothing worse then being cooped up : (.

Your blog has everything that I like. Cute kids, food, and projects!
I am your newest follower! Good to meet ya!

Awww sweet thanks Rheanna!

Twins on different days! That's too funny :) Do you have to do 2 parties? YUCK!
What ever they are eating in the bottom photo looks really yummy!

Audrey they are shooter sundaes from Applebees - and they were delicious !!! We do one party for all three little ones but they open our presents at dinner on their official day.

THREE July babies?! Well, you can never have too much of a good thing. ;)

I wish we'd had a nicer summer out here, but truth be told, being a grown-up is no fun when you have to be locked in a windowless office all summer. :( The cool temps and gloom are at least making it so my kitties don't bake alive at home.

Ps - I'm afraid my Fifi would be veeeeery interested in meeting your Fifi. Too interested. :P

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