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Patty, I love it!!!! It really is beautiful!!!!! Blue and white is such a classic color combo and I've always had a room in the house in those colors.

I don't have a favorite room in my current house, but when I'm through with the dining room it will be my favorite. It will be the only room 'done'.

looks great!

Lovely! Great work!

ooh it's so calm and lovely!

i think my favorite room is actually our master bath. it's exactly what we wanted. BUT we still need to paint the walls. i'm thinking a much lighter version of the deep gray that's in our master bedroom....;)

So nice it gives me hope as we tackle the whole house at once...wish I had just one room finished. It looks so great, thanks for sharing.

Love it!

I love beadboard so much. I want it in my kitchen when I buy a house one day!!


Other than my room the bathroom is my fave part of the house and once in every "while" I tend to do a bathroom remodeling plans ..hahaha!

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