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Love your "story!" Just think of the sense of accomplishment you will have...in thirty years...when you finally finish everything!!! Too cute!

Oh thanks Loralynn ! I am hoping for thirty really 47 is probably more realistic ! Hahahaha .....sigh.....

You're right... best laugh ever! Thanks for sharing your house story. Hopefully it doesn't take us too long to do the basement.

LOL, I love how you write! You crack me up! I feel for you though, I remember a house my ex and I tried to fix up together in Minnesota. It is hard yet rewarding work! Hugs, Myko

That is tooo Funny :) I feel your pain and joy, we have worked extensively on 2 homes and just when you think 'ahhhhh! awesome that job is done I can move onto the next' some out of the blue thing happens and you look up and go "why?" but you still continue because the joy of accomplishment or is it masochistic tendencies drives you on :)

It took me a while to find your page, sorry, but I am glad I got here :) T.

I've never seen The Money Pit, but that clip had me truly laughing out loud at work. I can't believe nobody popped into my office to see what was going on.

We've had a whole bunch of problems with our house since we moved in two years ago and my man kept referring to it as The Money Pit. After reading some of what you dealt with and seeing that clip, I know we're not alone! Best of luck with all of your work!

LOL, the joys of home ownership!!! When we bought our house 3 years ago, we knew we would redo the guest bathroom because it was a hideous shade of turquoise...the toilet, tub, tile. The floor and sink were gold. So when my husband leaned against the shower wall and his arm went through the tile, drywall, and insulation, I was elated and frustrated at the same time. I wanted a new bathroom but not now!!! Anyway, it's finally done and guests don't have to use my shower any more! Sorry I made you spit on the computer.....:)

Oh Annette - When we moved in we knew the upstairs bath was in bad shape ( the previous owner tried to hide a molding tile job but it was pretty obvious) . Anyhoo I decided to scrub the whole thing down with cleaner and as I scrubbed * plink - plink - plink * went the tiles into the tub ! My husband heard this from across the house and started yelling " DON'T CLEAN ANYMORE - THE WALLS GONNA CAVE IN !!!" LOL . We had to duct tape the whole thing up ! oops...

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