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This sounds like fun. Typically, I can't cut the felt straight but I'm willing to give this a try. I'm glad to have a few days to decide on my design. I will tell my friends.

Amber - I have NEVER worked with felt in my life ! So I am a bit afraid . If You want to jump in the pool I'm going with you ! It will be fun and I'm working on some crafty prizes so you'll have nothing to loose ! You don't have to announce your project until the end so you can change your mind too ! : )
Ooooh what about "Felted Mira" ??? LOL

Yes, yes, yes, I'm in!! This will be so much fun! Thanks Patty for doing this!

YEAH ANNETTE!!! This will be fun !

I adore making the little dolls from your fabulous book and have made almost all of them. I would love to participate.


I would like to enter, and am wondering if we must make something new between January 8th and January 30th, or if I could enter something I had already made that was inspired by the Wee Felt book?

Sounds like fun! I love that book!

Whoops, hit the post button and meant to hit preview. I just wanted to know, would be fun either way. Actually, I just love crafting things, and one of my intentions for 2010 is to include more handcraft in my everyday life

Welcome Aboard Alison And Jenny ! I am thrilled to have you !
Jenny just so you know you can find Salley Mavor at - www.weefolk.wordpress.com - she (and her work ) is lovely !
Make sure to come back and post your entry and your site on friday the 8th .
Have a Great Day Ladies : )

Welcome Loralyn !!! I am soooo excited to see what everyone is going to post ! Thanks so much for joining us : )

I would love to be in the contest! Felt Wee Folk is one of my most favorite books!

Welcome Laurie ! I am glad to have you : )

This sounds very interesting. I'd love to do it.

I's like to give it a try since I'm making fairies for my grandkids. This will encourage me to finish them by the end of January. *|:~)

Lemon Tree Tami and Mkpdesigns I am just putting out some fresh coffee and Danish - Welcome to the party : )

I posted your fun contest! http://felting.craftgossip.com/2010/01/05/felt-smack-down-2010-challenge-alert/

Oh YEAH - CraftGossip rocks !!!
- Thank you so much Linda , have a danish ! : )

Ok I'm in....Sounds like fun!!

Yeah Missy !!! Ok now,it's officially a party ! : )

I hope there is a space for me! It is one of my all-time favorite craft books!!!

I think this is a lovely idea. Please count me in. The link to the website works great for me as I do not own the book.

Yes ! Mary Ellen and Creative Insticts it's nice to have you !

Creative - I am so glad someone menioned that - I feel like such a dingbat for not thinking of it myself !

Love this book, and the idea of a contest! I'd like to join if there's room!

Welcome Aimee ! There is still room : ) Nice to have you .

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